Frequently asked questions

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Memberships can be canceled at any time; however, there are no refunds. You will remain access to post jobs in the Best DFW Jobs group and website until your monthly membership expires.

How do I join the Best DFW Jobs group?

Best DFW Jobs is a closed Facebook group. To join Step 1 Enroll by setting up your payment Step 2 A confirmation email will be sent with the Facebook group link inside. Step 3 Click the link in email and request to join the group. Step 4 An administrator will confirm your payment and accept you into the group within 24-48 hours.

How will you approve my request to join the group if my Facebook name is different than my legal name?

After you have signed up to to enroll/submitted payment, you will be asked your name yousined up with when you request to join the Facebook group. also. That is what we will use to confirm your request.

When does the membership begin?

Your membership will be activated within 24-48 hours of enrollment and request to join the group. Membership is ongoing indefinitely, until payment is stopped at anytime.